Friday, March 16, 2012

Ready for Honey and more bees!

After considering the purchase of an Extractor to harvest our honey this year, it just so happened that a friend at work is a beekeeper.  He had purchased some very nice equipment a few years ago, and has since downsized his Apiary.  He offered us a deal on the excess equipment he had stored, and we jumped at the chance to acquire some very nice things.  This equipment will enable us to grow our Apiary, and harvest our honey using top of the line gear.  We now have many new hive boxes, honey supers, and other assorted hive essentials, thanks to this generous offer from a friend. 

The most exciting part of this purchase was a beautiful 20 Frame Dadant Powered Extractor.  All stainless steel construction, with a top of the line Baldor Motor and Baldor Variable Frequency Drive.  This thing should do the job beautifully, and last a lifetime!   Isn't she a beauty?
A shot of the interior of the extractor.  Just like new, and very well cared for.
We also have a bottling tank, that is also in like-new condition.  This unit has a water jacket, that is heated and warms the honey for bottling.  We can't wait to use it!
This is not a very good picture, but you can see the mountain of equipment we brought home.  It filled a 12' enclosed trailer to the brim, along with the bed of our pickup truck.  LOTS of very nice equipment.  Some we will keep, and some we will offer to other beekeepers for a very good price.  It's always nice to share!
Today, we will be visiting the hives and giving them the once-over, in preparation for their spring build up.  I hope to have many pictures to share in a new post this weekend.  It seems that Spring has sprung here in the Midwest..........and it's beekeeping time once again!

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