Sunday, July 24, 2011

Borrowed a bit more Honey from the girls!

Angie and I inspected the hives again on Friday, July 22nd.  Despite the unbearably hot weather, the girls are hard at work doing what they do..............raising brood and making honey!  Hive #1, which was started from a 3 lb. package of bees in April, is thriving.  They are working on their second medium honey super, drawing comb nicely, and starting to fill the cells with honey.  That being said...........we checked the first honey super, and decided that since they have it filled with capped honey, we could safely take another frame of honey and extract it. 

Angie holds a frame of capped honey.  This frame will yield just over a quart of honey.
This photo shows a medium frame in the process of having the wax comb drawn out by the bees.  Once the comb is drawn, they will fill each cell with honey.  Once they have the moisture content of the honey to the proper level, they will cap the cells with wax. 
That's the latest on the Honey Bees.  Hive #2 continues to grow, now that the queen is productive and laying eggs.  Next update will focus on Hive #2 and how things are progressing.  Despite the hot weather...............the Honey Bees are working hard!


  1. Hey! Found your site trying to find local honey! I see you are in Troy- My husband and I live very near! I'm having trouble locating your contact info. Could you drop me a line? I'd love to make a future purchase! Mkbevington(at)
    (don't want to use the @ sign for fear of getting auto-bot spammed)


  2. Thanks for stopping by for a visit to our Bee Blog Melissa! I'll contact you by email. We are just getting started with our Bees this year, but we do have a small quantity of surplus honey. I would be more than happy to fulfill your future honey needs!