Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our first Honey Harvest!!!

Angie and I are SO excited!  Our package bee hive has been filling and capping frames of Honey for a couple of weeks now.  They are doing so well, we felt it was safe to "borrow" a frame of honey for ourselves.  This morning, we removed a frame of capped honey, and scraped the honey and wax into a crock pot.  We set the heat to low, and allowed the wax to melt and separate from the honey and float to the top.  We turned off the heat, let it cool, and simply removed the cake of wax from the top of the honey.  All that was left to do was pour the fresh honey into jars, and we were done!

This single frame of honey yielded just over 2 pints jars.  Yes, it is YUMMY!

Below is a shot of the wax and honey in the crock pot, before heating to separate.
Here is the finished product:  Just over 2 pint jars of nature's finest......fresh Honey!
Our Honey Bees have been nothing short of amazing since we hived them this past April.  My only regret is that we should have started Beekeeping 25 years ago!  This is SOOO fun!

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