Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bee Supplies ordered!

Angie and I compiled a list of Beekeeping supplies, chose the suppliers with the best prices, and placed orders on Friday, Nov. 23rd.  Many Beekeeping Suppliers are offering discounts or free shipping this time of year.  We took advantage of these offers, and saved well over $50.00 in shipping charges!  All of the suppliers I have spoken with on the phone have been extremely pleasant and very helpful.  It's really nice to talk with a real person when you phone a company looking for advice or information!

Today, it's back to the shop to complete a couple more brood boxes, and a couple of hive tops.  I will have to gather all of the complete hive components I have built and post a picture.  I have quite a stack of hive boxes and other components sitting in the shop.  These were really enjoyable to build, and I saved a bunch of money by doing it myself!  Sometimes, a shop full of woodworking equipment pays off in more ways than just enjoyment!

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