Saturday, November 6, 2010

St. Clair Beekeepers Association

I had a nice conversation with Ken Schaefer, the current President of the St. Clair Beekeepers Association.  He invited Angie and I to attend their next meeting, which will be held in Edwardsville.  Also, Ken let me know that they have several members that breed queens, and also offer starter Honey Bee Colony's to members for a reasonable fee.  This will work great for us, as we are starting from scratch, and we would have to purchase bees anyway.  Purchasing from a local source is much better, as you know where the bees came from and which variety of bee they are.  Better yet, you know that the bees are acclimated to our climate, which ensures a successful colony, good brood buildup and honey production.  We look forward to attending a meeting, and joining the St. Clair Beekeepers Association.  Oh yeah...........they are offering a beginning Beekeepers course in February, which we are also interested in.  Things are coming along with the new hobby!

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