Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hive Boxes are ready for Bees.

After another day in the shop, the Hive Boxes are complete, and ready for spring!  We found about a half of a gallon of exterior paint that was left over from painting the fireplace chimney chase, so we decided to use that for the hives.  I added a quart of white exterior paint I had, which lightened up the color, and put that white paint to good use, before it went bad.  I think they look pretty good!

Here's a shot of a complete hive setup:  A bottom board, 2 deep supers (sometimes called brood boxes, or hive bodies) 2 medium supers on top of the deeps (the medium supers will be where the bees store honey) and capping it off, the hive top.
I used Eastern Red Cedar for the bottom board for the hive.  I have quite a bit of this on hand, at it is more rot resistant than pine.  It should weather nicely, without the need for paint.
Angie and I decided we wanted something more than the standard "flat" roof for the hive.  We decided to go with the "garden" style roof.  It looks nice, and dresses up the hive.  I used FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panel) for the roofing "shingles", and I machined a nice cedar ridge cap.  It turned out good, and I like the look.
Now, once the rest of the Bee Supplies arrive, we should be ready to go!  I will be posting pictures of the other things that go along with the hive, and come the first of April, we should have BEES!!!!

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